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The third meeting of spiritual education "How can we meet with God?"

3 lesson of spiritual education. Transcript: ... all who are, these are the consequences. Because man can not cope with the devil, with sin, why? There is no spiritual power. He's dead. If the Spirit of God left a person, his body can not be ... at least embalmed, though not embalmed, it rot, you understand everything? That is ... Give the third lesson: How can we meet with God? So, the Gospel of John 14: 6. Do you have a Bible? There is. Come on. Jesus said to him: I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me, if you knew Me ... Well, everything ... Jesus said: I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father as through Me ... Come on, look, Jesus says: You can only come to the Father through Him. Neither through Magomed, nor through the Buddha, nor through my mother, you understand there ... Nikolay is a saint, no other religion, many people you will encounter, who will speak, well, all religions somehow lead to one God. Jesus asserts no, no one, does not come to the Father except through me. And now let's see why, why He says so. Therefore, the Bible says that God is Spirit and Spirit and how it can not be seen by oxygen. Therefore, everything done by the hands of man, it is not the gods and the First Corinthians the tenth chapter, the twentieth verse, let's read. "First Corinthians?" - 10:20. No, but that the Gentiles making sacrifices bring demons, and not God, but I do not want you to be in communion with demons. "That is, look, all the pagans had deities when Jesus came, someone was there ... and they sculpted all the statues, somebody drew pictures and they said that through this we come to the Father, but Jesus said, that God is the Spirit. And when you lay a spirit in an object, this is worship of demons. And who is the Spirit? For example, the Spirit, God is the Spirit, He is omnipresent, He is everywhere at the same time, He is all-powerful, He is all-knowing, all-knowing. And when God revealed himself as the Father, He said: I AM. That is, what is Jehovah? I am present everywhere and in everything. So when I was talking to a physiomathematical professor, he said to me: Do you want me to show you God now? I say show it. He took the pen, dropped it, did you see now? Well, I saw how the handle fell. He says: No, you saw the law of attraction, but even you did not see the law of attraction. you saw the action of this law of attraction. And this law is everywhere working here, in America, in Africa, even on the Moon it works everywhere. that is, he is true and he is omnipresent, he is everywhere present, that is, this is God. He can not be seen, but one can see His action. So when we talk about Jesus Christ, God showed us how He created man, so that man would be a reflection of God. And so look and therefore a person initially when it was created, he was a spiritual being. God created it from the dust of the earth and breathed into it the breath of life. And man is a spiritual person. Therefore, human flesh can not see God, a priori, and Scripture says that no one has ever seen God. Therefore why, because the flesh is limited. And the Scripture teaches that Luke 16 chapter 19 through verse 31, it is written that when a person dies, Lazarus when he died, his spirit ascended to God and then he saw that Lazarus was in the bosom of Abraham, and he is in hell . Therefore, not flesh rises to God, and the spirit rises ... Therefore, the only way to meet with God, only one Gospel according to John 1:14. let's read ...  And the Word became flesh and dwelt with us full of grace and truth, and we saw His glory, glory as the Only Begotten of the Father. Is that word invisible? He is not visible. What is a word? The Word is the Spirit. And the Bible says that the Word became flesh, that is, the Spirit in the flesh came, that is, God Himself came in flesh. And that's why we must understand - the first Corinthians 15:45 verse So it is written: the first man Adam became a living soul, and the last Adam is a life-giving spirit. The last Adam who? Jesus is a life-giving spirit, that is, a sinless spirit. Therefore Jesus is the God who came in the flesh, this is the Spirit, this is the God who came in the flesh. And therefore, what Scripture says from Matthew 16 is chapter 16 through verse 19. Simon Peter answered: "You are Christ the Son of the Living God," then Jesus said to him: "Blessed are you Simon the son of Jonas, for flesh and blood did not reveal this to you, but my Father who is in heaven." That is, look, Who is Christ? This is not the surname Christ. This is the Messiah, that is, it is God. And when Peter said: Thou art God, Thou art the Christ, come in the flesh. That is, he said: "You are Jesus really God who came in the flesh, You are the Messiah, my Savior." So who is the Son of God Jesus? This is God and Man in one person. God Who Became a Man. And the only way to receive, to meet with God, is John 1:12. And to those who received Him, to those who believe in His Name, He gave power to become the sons of God. What should I take? Christ. Spirit, His Word, Christ, here it is, here you accept the Word, you accept God, you receive the Spirit of God. How to accept Christ Revelation 3:20. Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man hear my voice, I will come in to him, and will sup with him. That is, how does God knock on the heart? Through His Word. Do you understand? Knocks ... And so when we accept Christ the Word, heard and accepted where? It is not in the mind to receive the Word, but in the heart. That is, when I accept Christ, I receive Him in the heart. There are many different words in the mind, but it is Christ that must be received in the heart. The Word, the commandments must always be listened to in your heart. And if you receive Him in your heart, then the next miracle will happen: Gospel of John 14 chapter 16 verse. And I will pray the Father and give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever. The spirit of truth, which the world can not accept, because it does not see it and does not know it, but you know. Here, we said that it is impossible to see God, He is the Spirit, He is omnipotent, omnipresent. God is the Word, which became flesh and at the same time the Scripture says that the world can not see the Holy Spirit, where it will lead to us, to our hearts. And when, how much will He be? For ever. He will never leave us. And for what He came, comes into our hearts. 26, 27 verse read this same chapter. But the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send, in My Name, will teach you everything and remind you of everything I have said to you. Why would He come? To teach and remind all. Remind all that I have told you. That is, in other words, He comes what? When do you need an answer? He will teach you. In this day He will teach you. This is why the Holy Spirit comes to us. To teach us, to remind us how to live, how to move, do you understand? Now look, the evidence that God is with me, is the following. First. When I walk in this situation, God will remind me of the Word. Because if I took the Word in my heart, It will always be remembered. That is, all that I put in my heart, It will remember and tell me how to live, or I'm saved, I'm a child of God, that is, like this ... Such a Holy Spirit He will always console. Here comes the situation, for example, when the situation comes to me, it's some kind of complicated, I once again the Word: all power in heaven and on earth has been given to Me and you are my child. And I'm standing like that ... I've already lost this power. Why? Because God within the heart told me the Word: do not pay attention. That is, this is his main task. Why? Because Hebrews 4:12 is written. For the Word of God is alive and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, it penetrates to the separation of soul and spirit, compounds and brains and judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Here, see, the Word of God It is alive and that's why, Why do I take the Word of God into my spirit? Because It produces in me an action, It divides. For what purpose? Psalm 119: 125 verse. My soul is defeated in the dust. Revitalize me according to Thy Word. How does a person come to life? How does his soul become animated? By the Word. That is, you understand? The last Adam who? The Spirit is life-giving. And when I accept the Word, He quickens my spirit, my soul, you understand? That is, in other words, how does He revive? He frees me from my sins. And how does this happen? Galatians 5: 16-18 verse. And I say, walk in the Spirit and you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh because the flesh, for the flesh desires the contrary to the Spirit, but the Spirit of the opposing flesh. They oppose each other, so you do not do what you would like. If you are led by the Spirit, then you are not under the law. That is why the Holy Spirit comes? The Gospel says, "He taught us to walk in the Spirit." And then what? I am freed from my sins. That is written: and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. And the Word of God is alive, It penetrates for what? What to share, you to separate you from your sins. And what sins are they in? In the fleshly life. He says, I will teach you to walk in the Spirit. And then you will not fulfill the lusts ... that is, to act in the Spirit, you need to do what? One should always concentrate on prayer, that is, what is the purpose of prayer? Not just a set of words, but prayer is like the psalmist says: My soul is cast to the dust, quicken me according to Your Word. That is, when I pray: God give me the Word in this situation. How should I act in the Spirit, and not according to the flesh. And when I pray and receive the exact answer, when I know exactly what to do, at that moment I win, Satan's power over my life collapses. Ephesians chapter five is verse 18. And do not get drunk with wine from which there is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit. What is the fulfillment of the Spirit? Overflow with the Word of God. To memorize the Word. To learn. I asked, let's say: what did you preach yesterday? Lost already you understand? And the Scripture says that you must be so overwhelmed by the Word that this Word should guide you. Do you understand? Then, you know, a drunken man is always seen when he gets drunk, he swings, he can be seen from the speech when a person is filled with God, filled with the Word of God, he can be seen. He speaks and he lives by the Spirit, he lives differently. And when we overflow, the true power of God comes into our lives, Acts 1: 8. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you and you will be my witnesses both in Jerusalem and in all of Judea and in Samaria and even to the end of the earth . That is, look, when I am overwhelmed with the Word of God, God, the Spirit of God, Is It manifested in what? I begin to talk about God, to testify about God, how He acts in my life, that is, I already become a preacher. And at this moment, there are three miracles: the first miracle - I defeat myself. That is, the deeds of the flesh go away from my life, I act according to the Spirit. The second thing turns out - the world with its culture, how did you testify today that there are baths there, girls, booze, mats huh? everywhere, this is their culture, and you already do not need this culture, you do not need it, because I'm free, from the worldly ones these are the pleasures of all, I do not need wine, I need only one God, you know, well, to relax. And when this happens, there is a victory over Satan. and what happens immediately, the next moment - God begins to manifest in your life, that is, you begin to receive answers, you see what God did in this situation, in this situation, in this situation, and you understand the real verse that we are now talking about Jesus said: I am the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me. When I was overwhelmed by the Word and acted once, the second time, the third time and if God once appeared, the second time, the third, then I understand that in all situations in life I just have to do the Spirit and I do not need any more words, nor advice there bucket on your head or else there, I just need to do the Spirit and then Jesus will come and solve all the issues. And the next miracle happens, the third miracle - you are forever free from anxiety. Because people are worried because they do not know what to do. And God says: I will enter you, I will teach you to walk in the Spirit. Here is the third lesson, why only Jesus. So, what have we raised from this lesson? I'll give you these lessons. In general, this should be listened to. That is, I'm here to put their Spiritual studies in Youtube, you just listen to them, the abstract is, honestly, this ... I gave someone how much: here, let me read, I'll understand everything. I: Well, of course - did not understand anything. Because give a physics textbook, a person does not understand, well, he will understand something, but he will not understand the depth, although I will give it all to you. So, who is the only way for us? Jesus Christ.Who is Jesus Christ? This Word, which became flesh, is God come in the flesh, the life-giving Spirit. Clear. So ... why did He come into your life? He came to destroy all the works of the devil, who ... And how does He begin to destroy them? Here He entered into you. The Gospel of John 14: 26-27. For what? Or Galatians 5:16. Why does He come to the heart? To teach and remind all. Yeah, right, how to remind us how we should live? By the Spirit. To live according to the Spirit. That is, He is in every day in us, inside us for what, so that in any life situations, remind us how to live according to the Spirit. And to live according to the Spirit, what do we need to do for this? It is necessary ... to receive Him ... So ... And what do we need to fill? His Word. His Word. That is ... Do you remember the second lesson? Deeply reflect on His Word. Overflow so much that the Word is imprinted. That it began to penetrate deeply, penetrate deeply and then I am overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit, in a word, how does this Word begin to act in my life? begins to act in my life ... I begin, what? That's when a person gets drunk, how do we see that alcohol acts in his life? He starts to drive. and when a person is overwhelmed with the Spirit, he begins to live according to the Spirit and from it goes the Spiritual ... Spirit Preaching, evangelism. That's how it is defeated, what you need to win, what three things have to be defeated, well, what did the Spirit conquer three things like? First. What should be won? He comes to share the soul ... Yes, to defeat yourself. Defeat yourself as a carnal man. Now he came, yes? Here he says: here it is time to quarrel, then once again he remembers, that is, he has not yet defeated himself. He reacts to all other provocations. In fact, he has not yet defeated himself. And the second, if a person wins himself, then what will he win? The second is what? ... Well, the world, worldly culture ... Television, some other things, they do not influence, do you understand? World culture does not affect you. And then there is the third true victory, you defeated Satan. As a result, the fact that you will act in the Spirit, what consequence will come into your life? The result of what will be, from what you will be healed? Of original sin ... When you accepted, he was already healed of original sin. From anxiety. That is, that is, when the Word begins to act in your life, you will understand, no matter what the situation, it is important in this situation to act in the spirit and God will act, that's all. So do not worry. Did you understand why Jesus is the only way for us? Yes, on the shelves. On the shelves, everything you see on the shelves. Why I am in the Church, I tell everyone: you have to go through spiritual education. When you put everything on the shelves ... You read how much the Bible you read, do not you see it on the shelves? Well, that was not on the shelves, here's the system.)) The system is yes, so if it were not necessary for the Pastor, the Church, He would simply be the Bible threw it, said: read :)), everything is written there)) No He rocks priests for what? Our job is to sit and sort things out on the shelves. Break, rest, reflect on this))) I want to write this down on ... We conquer Satan, ourselves, the world ... First ourselves, then you defeat the world and thereby defeat Satan. And the result ... Stop worrying ... This is the second and third, and the first is Christ is the Spirit. Yes, one must understand that God is Spirit. The Word is also the Spirit. The Word is the Spirit that must be received in the heart ... The mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart, if a man falsifies means evil in his heart. How to be free from your sins? We must act according to the Spirit. Do not fight with sins. Some say: I struggle with sin .... I say: Well, you will lose. With him you can not fight, with sin. You just have to live in the Spirit, that is, when you know, you go on the path of sin and try to fight. And when you begin to live according to the Spirit, sin separates from you, cleaves away. And so see the first lesson teaches us what? That a man is gone from God, and returns ... And all the problems a person has only because he ...? Gone from God. And the only way how to solve all problems is what? Become a child of God and live every day with God. The second lesson teaches us how to live every day with God like? Salvation is a gift, we must thank, do not need to earn anything. And meditate on the Word. And to seek that God ... He has a plan for you this day. Yes, and yet you follow your health and bring your life into balance. Do not fuss, take your time, enjoy salvation and realize that in this day God wants to manifest Himself. And how God will manifest Himself the third lesson ... God will manifest Himself ... When we receive His Word, He enters as Spirit and divides the soul and Spirit and we conquer ourselves, the world and the devil and this gives us no anxiety. Now, we must live by the Spirit and not fulfill the desires of the flesh. To be filled with the Word in the right way, by the Spirit?))) Already answered even ... Read, abide in the Word. The best way to stay in the Word is first to listen to the Pastor. That is, he told the Sunday sermon and meditated all week. Morning messages and reflect, reflect ... Why? Because the task of Pastor, what to do? Teach you, reveal the Bible to you. Correctly? That is, he gives you and says: here you think about it. When I think, think and reach me: well, that's what he wanted! Then what happens? This Word begins in my life what? Act. Therefore, the instrument for the performance of the Holy Spirit, this Sunday sermon, this is the morning message of the priest. Do you understand now, the essence of the Church then? Enjoy ... You have to enjoy and search for how to act according to the Spirit in every situation, and what you need to look for, in the overflow of the Word. When you are overwhelmed with the Word, then what does the Holy Spirit come for? Teach you, remind ... How to act. God for this and went to that in any situation, you did not feel like an orphan. You once such: Lord, tell me how to act in the Spirit ... Thought, the Word is remembered ... And you understand everything already like ... Therefore, then you do not need anything more, you just need the guidance of the Holy Spirit and nothing more and you will be happy)))) And people, you see, they are rushing about, worrying, because they do not have the guidance of God in their lives and act according to the flesh, so they get worried, quarrelsome, disputes. Once again this point ... .Vot see in every meeting that God gives, there is a plan. I'll say, every person who writes to me or who meets me, I always ask the question: what is the plan? So you came, wrote to me. that you will come. I say: Lord, he will not come to me, he does not need me, he needs you. So give me a plan, what is your will? And when we met, I do not start talking to you, about what kind of boxer I was, what successes I have, why do you need to know? I begin to tell you, about what God is and how you can live with Him, right? And you get blessings from this, right? What is happening? Your life is changing, you will know God. You get pleasure. Hence your life begins to acquire an orderly, meaningful way of life. Accordingly, this is the plan of God. God comes for what? To make people discover Himself. Here. " I somehow know? I do not say that in general every meeting is from God, but in essence I follow that randomness is not accidental. If there is a plan in this day and I suddenly met with these people, then I always have a question: The Lord what is the plan in this? That's all. In general, just with God, when you understand. No need, no icons, no holy sources, even fasting is essentially unnecessary, you just need to understand that God has entered you in the Holy Spirit, it's not his head, he must be accepted in the heart. Because those words. which are embedded in the heart, you always remember them. When you remember, you put the words of God in your heart. In any situation, you say: Lord how? And God, He Himself in the heart lives, He says: like this. we must act according to the Spirit. You: ah ... okay, well - victory came.
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The third meeting of spiritual education "How can we meet with God?"

3 lesson of spiritual education. Transcript: ... all who are, these are the consequences. Because man can not cope with the devil, with si...