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The first lesson of spiritual education. Why is a person unhappy?

I travel around Russia, the Byelorussian Churches, Jerusalem, I see the same picture. Many people believe in God, but they are still not happy and live an unhappy life. And through spiritual education, I see that many have not fully experienced the power of God to the end, they do not fully understand the power of God in what it is manifested. And at the same time, there are many testimonies in people's lives when they say that God manifested Himself in this, God manifested Himself in this, solved certain problems and I often say that: you understand when people believed in Jesus, they the first people came out of Egypt and there was grace, God fed them with manna, there were also quails, healing, there were many miracles, but this was not the real life of God, was not the real life of a Christian, and only the true promised land could be entered only by faith, when you grab for the words, for the covenant and then God will begin to act. And so today I would like to take a series of lessons, ten lessons, I will gradually, maybe even longer than usual, talk, but that you deeply understand the reason why a person is unhappy. And maybe I'll lead the lesson as if I'm speaking for the converts and the unbeliever who stands before me. Of course it's better when you talk one-on-one lessons, because from my practice, I saw that all people listen, when you're alone with them and hold a forum, then some facts and some things they took ... misunderstood why ? Because when we lived in a certain pagan culture? then it is natural that we perceive certain things from this position. Well, I think you know this sometimes, people are offended by something, some of your words, because they thought it was like that, but in fact, you did not mean it at all. Therefore, the best, this is when spiritual lessons are held individually. To those I have already conducted lessons, you can listen to them to listen, because fundamental things. So we begin, the first meeting.
Whenever you meet a person you say, I can tell you the fundamental moments why a person is unhappy, how to live a spiritual life and only need ten lessons. And here is the first meeting - why is a person unhappy? Scripture says that a person is unhappy, because all have sinned and lost the glory of God to Romans 3:23 and it is written: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Unhappiness in humans, it happens different. Someone let's say he wants to get married and constantly worries about it. Someone does not work at work. Here in Israel and Belarus, I often saw such moments that more people worry about money, for finance, for what to pay, how to pay and what is most interesting, one guy, he earns big money and at the same time constantly worries for money. You earn a lot of money ... But the question is what? In the fact that he is still going through and we will continue to touch on why this is. And when people are in a stressful situation, solving some ... these or other questions and thinking about this or that, how to solve those problems, they try to somehow relax and people relax in different ways, some in drunkenness, somebody in a hobby - goes hunting, fishing, someone at the dacha, someone goes to a disco, someone goes on vacation. And for some time a person somehow rebooted, but again the problems did not go away, they again come. And such a feeling ... a person's life ... he constantly solves the same problems. That is, one question tried to solve - it did not work, the second, the third. The third happened, and so on, a feeling that our whole life is a struggle for survival, as if we live in a jungle. And the Bible says, the first point is why a person is unhappy, because a person has left God. Because we always need to understand the principle of creation - the fish should be in water, the tree in the ground, and man should live with God. Therefore, the fish, when it is in the water, in its habitat, it is always happy. And the tree when it is rooted in the earth, does not experience discomfort. So man, when he was created, he was created to be with God. But it happened, if we look, a tragedy. The Bible says that an invisible enemy has come. This is the devil, this is Satan, who entered the serpent and deceived man and said that: you can be happy without God. And man believed in Genesis in the third chapter and he left God and the Scripture says that he lost his righteousness, he lost the right way, he lost the relationship and guidance of God in his life. And the result of the fact that he lost God's communication, he had to rely now only on himself and guided by his knowledge, his efforts. And as a result, works, burdens and worries came to the man. And therefore the condition of every unbelieving person is work, burdens and worries. So Jesus began the ministry of Matthew 11:28: Come unto me, all ye that labor, are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. This is the state of all unbelieving people. So he lost God's purpose, God's way, then each person has his own goals, that is, he thinks that if I buy a car there, then I will be happy, then I will be happy, if I'm weaning, then I will be happy if I marry, I will be happy. but when. But when we reach those or other goals, we again become not happy. And it turns out in the end, over the years, when a person grows up, he realizes that in life, all the vanity of vanities and vexation of the spirit. A person's life will never be happy, and eventually he worries all the time, the cause and cause of all difficulties is getting sick, it's not that we live in the wrong country ... Because I noticed that there are people who lived ... that's how I dealt with Ukrainians, badly they said they lived ... and they came to Israel and live badly again, it does not matter where you move, if you are unhappy, you will be unhappy anywhere. And the Bible explains why. The reason is because a person left God. And when he left God, the Spirit of God left man and this is a spiritual problem. It is invisible, but it deals with the relationship with God.
And it started really a long time ago, this is with the Genesis of the third chapter and I would like if you have the Bible, Genesis the third chapter from the first to the sixth verse, there the person began to talk with the devil. And as a result, a person .... What did he eat? The devil said, in modern language, he said so, I will say how people want to live and think that they will be happy: live for yourself, live as you like, develop, know the world and most importantly will be independent. Today all business programs say in all business trainings, in all training programs, it is said that: make yourself, be independent, develop. And so the devil said: look at the fruit, it is pleasant, it is desired, it gives knowledge and makes you independent ... makes you, like God, independent. But the fish can not independently without water and a tree without earth, so man is foolish, that he is independent of God, his Creator and will be happy. And as a result, what problems came to a person's life, what curse came. In 16-19 verses, if you read that already women's problems revolve around two things, around the husband or to get married or solve a problem with her husband, that's why families often go to seminars and seminars, they are still unhappy, they say: I for her husband, has done so much, and he ... And around the children ... children to shod. feed, so that children do not get sick or that children are successfully married or to have children, each has its own level. A peasant curse is - in the sweat of your face you will get bread, that is, you will work constantly ... And when you earn money and you create an illusion, then that you are happy. Why? Because you then, you can write, you can dominate a woman. And a woman, if you can pay her all theirs ... (she) seems to achieve a man who seems to her everything can pay, then they will be happy. But as soon as the money ceases to be earned, as soon as difficulties arise, even the richest people, I saw that ... as soon as they do not go, they understand that the stability of their life is on the edge and therefore they begin to worry again. And this is the way of life, he will never stop in life. That's how many people on this earth live, that's how much he will be and unhappy. Constantly will solve problems, constantly solve difficulties ... constantly, constantly, constantly. Why? why misfortunes will never stop? Open Ephesians chapter two, the first and second verse, it clearly states that misfortunes have come, because a person has become spiritually dead, that is, God has left man, God's protection, God's Spirit has left man. And the Scripture says: "And you dead according to your crimes and your sins, according to which you once lived, according to the customs of the world, according to the will of the prince of the ruling, the spirit of acting in the sons of disobedience." That is, Scripture says that misfortunes continue, because the devil owns this world and the devil acts in the sons of disobedience. And the devil gives you goals by which you must live. And therefore he says: "You will be happy." ate you here this goal will achieve. And so the state of the human soul, Matthew 11 chapter 28 verse: works, burdens and worries. And like a person tries, as they say, ... solving problems, achieving some goals, be happy. But there comes a time when it completely collapses. And the reason for all our misfortunes, we must clearly understand, all the reasons they come from, not from a person, not from a wife, not from a husband, not from that country or those people who seem to you - they are a problem ... All the reasons are, that the devil rules in the air, in Ephesians is written, he is the spirit who rules the air and he acts in the sons of disobedience. That is, the cause of all problems is Satan, this is the devil, these are evil spirits. And why is he in the air? Ezekiel 28 chapter 14 through 19 verse, if you read, then he was an overshadowed cherub. This spirit, the devil, he is a spiritual person, he was an angel, but he was proud and had iniquity in his heart, and he rebelled against God, and the Lord threw him to the ground and therefore, when he was thrown to the ground, the man was said: guard, guard the earth, that is, he had spiritual power over Satan. That is, do not listen to what the devil will tell you, do not be deceived, just guard. It happened that Satan was thrown to the ground, in the form of a spirit, and he entered the serpent and he deceived the man and the man lost all power. And in the end we understand that here they are all these problems. And what kind of person did he become when he left God? And here he was in the next state, write to yourself. The first state, the Gospel of John 8:44, so it is written: your father is the devil and you want to fulfill the lusts, the lusts of your father, for he is a liar and a murderer from the beginning, when he speaks, he says a lie ... The man came under the control of Satan, his spirit fell under the control of Satan and the devil puts lust for the sake of which we must live. Someone for the sake of money, someone for the car, someone for the sake of a career, someone for the sake of something else, for the sake of men, for the sake of children, that is this lust for what I will live for. But since he dominates the air the problem comes into a person's life, (he) does not even know where they come from. That seems to be all was normal and once the problem came. And the Scripture says that a person will be constantly unhappy, why? Because the devil is this spirit, he acts in the sons of disobedience, he ... he also needs spiritual worship, he needs people to swear, he needs people to lust ... because he eats from it. In the third chapter it is written: he will be consumed constantly. That is, from these spiritual experiences ... So I say I went in for sports and I will say that I began to feel so much when I come to the gym or to competitions, this smell of blood, adrenaline, he is in the air right and he excited consciousness. Or when you walk in clubs, you also feel the spirit - that here is the atmosphere of greed, the atmosphere of lust. And this devil feeds on this atmosphere, it kindles, it is his atmosphere, he feels very well in this. And that's why all demons are there and they create these and, as a result, that a person has: works, burdens, worries. And the most interesting person begins to get sick and have a serious mental breakdown. That is, if you look, I've traveled around the churches, and unbelievers in general and very many people are touchy, very many are proud, quick-tempered, unrestrained, that is, they have a concrete, obvious mental disorder. Any careless word - offended. Any careless word - exploded. Lack of patience, this is a serious mental deviation. And the result is a man ... works, burdens, anxieties, mental abnormalities. falls ill and that he goes to hell. Here is the life of just about all people like this ... And how people try to get in general in life ... relieve stress, relax. All that the devil offered, he says: I'll give you worldly. And all the worldly, this is all the pleasure that you get from people. That is, the worldly, carnal pleasure, that is, go fishing, go to a disco, buhane, meet a girl, sleep, seem to relax, go there to the resort. But in the morning you wake up, everything went away this pink mist, and the problems remained the same. And many go into drinking and so on, many are tired of living, they say better, this is the most, commit suicide, and others go to religion. And others go into fortune telling or shamanism, I do not know how horoscopes begin to read ... amulets, icons on ... hang on the car, fasten, crosses. And like I myself thought, my mother is an Orthodox nun, all the time ... And the difficulties were in the family and in everything, stress, stress, stress ... And now people think ... in what ... why I am unhappy ... The answer is very simple - a man left from God, became a child of the devil, the devil began to control his life, he is, he lives according to the customs of this world and therefore a person is unhappy. And the only way to gain peace for yourself, is to return to God again. As a fish needs to return to the water again, as a tree it is necessary to be again planted in the earth, so a person needs to return to God. Therefore, Jesus Christ came to bring man back to God. And when in the Gospel of John 1:12, it is written: and to those who received Him, to those who believe in His Name, He gave power to become the sons of God.
And Matthew 28 chapter 18 verses 20, it says: "All authority is given to Me in heaven and on earth." Therefore, we must clearly understand that there are two spiritual worlds. And Scripture says that the devil rules in the air and he acts in the sons of disobedience. The devil manages the destinies of people, he knows how to make sure that your life is always on a depressive, why? Because through depression, through experience, through these lusts ... this is his atmosphere and he likes to live in this atmosphere. And there is the atmosphere of the Kingdom of God: righteousness, joy and peace. Where you receive the guidance of God, therefore, the only way a person can be happy is if he becomes a child of God and will be always with God. And here is the first lesson that I would like to ... those Scriptures that I spoke, read carefully and just thought that to make a person happy, do not need any effort, work, you must be with God and you must be a child of God and if such is in a person's life, then his life is completely controlled by God and the devil can not simply destroy a person's life a priori. Because the world is spiritual. And when you think that if I'm rich, I'll be happy, if I marry I'll be happy. Guys, how many rich people today are unfortunate and how many married unhappy people today and how many people who have children, they are also unhappy and how many people who have purchased an apartment are also unhappy. Happiness is not in the visible world, it is in the invisible, why? Because we are children of spiritual creations and when the spirit leaves the body, this body already does not need anything. Therefore, our spirit needs the Spirit of God, we are spiritual persons and we must understand that if I remain with God, I will be a child of God, then I ... then all my problems will be solved, why? Because I will be in God's plan. This is the essence of the first lesson. May God bless you, lead a forum, all the best.

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