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The second lesson of spiritual education. Life balance.

Now I want to hold a second lesson in spiritual education and the topic that I would like to raise today is how to have a spiritual balance in my life. But before talking about the second lesson, let us carefully recall the first lesson I conducted yesterday. What I noticed, guys, this broadcast is of course given to the students, but when you write the Cross, when it is imprinted on you, then you should also listen to these lessons and prescribe, say, so that they too are imprinted. Because this is the fundamental basis of our life. Because every believing person must go through four stages: knowledge. knowledge, pleasure and change of essence. And here is to hear. to draw something good is one thing, but when you can tell it and put it on the shelves, it's the second, so when you have the structure, then you can apply it in your life and enjoy it. And when you will enjoy, your essence will change and you will see how the Lord Himself works in your life. Being a Pastor, Bishop. I always go to Israel when I see it ... Now I'm in Israel, in our wonderful family, one that is very hospitable ... well received and I see the following: when you are conducting spiritual lessons, constantly, every day you can see that structurally thinking, structurally ... by shelves all the decompose is difficult to give. But this is the stage of cognition, that is, for now ... So that we are not just: here I believe in the Lord, I know such verses, such verses ... But how to live with the Lord every day? Look, everything in our life ... and everything in this life, teaches us to live structurally. You go to school and you are taught the alphabet, you are taught grammar, to work ... you are also a safety precautions and in everything there is a structural thinking and those who are balanced in their life, have a structure, they have a victory. And so the first thing we need to understand is, in the first lesson we went through, we said that there is an invisible enemy on this earth and this enemy is Satan, the devil, who was prided and thrown to the ground and in Ephesians the second chapter, the second verse says that he is the spirit of the air. And so when a person left God, he got ... his spirit fell into (under) the power of Satan, he became the child of the devil, he fell under the culture of this world, he got into mental problems. in his life come difficulties, he generally has a strong mental disorder, in some ... in this or that area and eventually a person falls ill and goes to hell ... Here's the state. And the only way to be saved from Satan is to become again a child of God and be with God. And in the first lesson we must understand that from the devil, from his lies, from his attitudes, we can be saved if we are children of God and God will guide our lives. All. this is the main thing that we must understand with you. The second is to bring our life into a spiritual balance and before we talk about spiritual balance, and it should happen in the physical body, balance of spirit, soul and body - I wish you to succeed in everything, how your soul succeeds, yes ? Therefore, we must understand ... when we build a spiritual balance, then we will begin to meet with God, so I looked admissible, on some believers and I see such a thing that they really did not experience the power of God and did not really meet with God and met a lot with the Dvors - the children of believing parents and you see that they really did not survive the power of God, the power of God, they do not see the leadership of God in their lives. Why? Because if you look at their life - it is unbalanced - they have a mess in the physical, they have a mess in their souls and a spiritual state they also have a mess. Therefore, we must understand what? That a man can not be happy without God, a priori, never. Second, why is the person unhappy? Because he separated from God and Ephesians the second chapter of the first verse is written: and you are dead. So what happened? Initially, the Spirit of God was and when man departed from God, the Spirit of God left man. And first of all, we are not spiritual people, we are spiritual people, we are spiritual people, we were created in the image of God and the Spirit of God was in us and when a person left God ... Vacuum can not be, when the Spirit of God left a man, the First Corinthians the second chapter, the twelfth verse let's read: but you have not received the spirit of this world, but the Spirit from God, so that you may know what was given to you from God. Instead of the Spirit of God, the spirit of this world has come. That is, the demonic spirit and therefore in the second Thessalonians second chapter, the tenth verse, are written such verses: with every unrighteous seduction perishing for the fact that they did not receive the Spirit of love and truth for their salvation; For these things God will send them the work of error, so that they will believe the lie. That is, look, when the Spirit of God left the person, the spirit of the world and this spirit entered ... it is the spirit of error. That is, it brings a delusion and a person begins to believe lies. So yesterday I talked with one orthodox activist boxer, and he's so straight ... it says: in Moscow, that's when the Cossacks beat, people with icons, that's cool. And when we started talking, that in general ... well ... Christianity brings peace, it starts to pull out some verses, that the war in Ukraine, everywhere that war ... it's all from God, it's all right and begins to protect those priests who generally call for war or violence against another person. I say: Christ did not teach this. And he told me with the Gospel of John the fifteenth chapter, there is the thirteenth verse: "there are no more people who will lay down their lives for their friends" - that's why it is necessary to fight in Ukraine. I say: you read the whole chapter, the whole chapter says: that we must count the soul for preaching, for people, because people ... they have on this earth ... they have a short space, they are under Satan's authority, they do the works of Satan and as a result, even people who die die go to hell, so you have to put your own lives for the sake of preaching otherwise this mess will not end. That is, look in it ... he is a believer, he considers himself Orthodox, yes? But in him is the spirit of the world, the spirit of error, and when he opens the second Corinthians, the fourth chapter, verses 4-5, that if our gospel is closed, then it is closed to those who are perishing, in whom the god of this age has blinded the minds, so that the light of the gospel, about the glory of Christ, which is the image of God invisible. That is, a person can look at the Bible and not see Jesus, a person can look at the Bible and take some poems that will in principle distort the will of God. Why? Because he is a sincere person and he has the spirit of the world and even the devil, when he tempted Jesus, what did he give? He gave Him words of error, he said: if you are the Son of God, if you are, if you do this, do this and that. Therefore, it is important to go through spiritual education. Why? Because I have to understand that when I left God, the spirit of the world came into me, he made me start ... believe ... lie (lie) And in the end I do not see the work of God, I do not see Jesus in I do not see that He really works in my life and wants to work in my life. But then again, returning to this person, yes, I want to say that so many people are searching for God, they are looking for God, but they are looking for God in religion. And in religion, people think that if I follow certain rules, regulations, rites, then I will meet with God. But look and Muslims make rules and rites and Buddhists commit and other and Orthodox and Protestants and Catholics are committing. But when you look, they are unhappy in life, that is, you see - they are diligently doing everything, but they are evil, they have no happiness in life. And Scripture says in general that the devil created all religions, because religion came from man, and the Gospel came from the Lord. others think that I will meet the Lord if I am honest, kind, decent ... I did not ... kill ... But notice, honest, kind, decent people who want, say, the same change in Russia, in Ukraine. They crash, because the first thing ... That's even with this guy talked, he says: yes you are an American agent, an American spy, you sold yourself. I say: Sasha, what are you, what, we from the same gym went out, you do not know me? You're like a zombie. And I want you to what I want to say - people are honest and decent, they too are defeated. Why? Because the devil acts in the sons of disobedience and through honesty and decency you will not meet with God, even if all your life you will try to live a decent life. Or through philosophy. Here in Israel, this is straightforwardly obvious, very many philosophers. You communicate with people. who for a long time were believers ... Here you think so, I think so, they think so ... And to the Colossians the second chapter is written: beware, brothers, that whoever betrayed you ... did not carry you away with the philosophy of the world and not through Christ. Because if Christ is Lord, then we focus on ... finding Him. And why in the end are these thoughts, philosophy, religion, good deeds going on, why are people doing this? Because everything is done by the labors of man and in the masses man does not understand the essence of original sin. What is original sin? The spirit left the man, the Spirit departed, the spirit of the world entered, he ... the man began to believe lies and for him the gospel was closed and therefore he seeks in that which is impossible to find, where the devil is to ... he said: there it is necessary to look for it. And first of all you always need to understand that you need to solve the spiritual problem. If you open the Gospel of John the third chapter from the third to the fifth verse, Nicodemus, the teacher of the law and the Pharisee, came to Jesus and said: "How can I enter the Kingdom of Heaven." And Jesus said to him: Are you a scribe and do not understand this? That is, imagine, I am now in Israel, here a lot of people know the law, they observe it ... Here, if Shabbat on Friday, at four o'clock everything is closed, the streets are dying out, only the Arabs are walking, well, Russian tourists. Everything dies out, that is, they observe everything so correctly. And Nicodemus came to Jesus and said: "You ... well, like me ... And He says: it is necessary from the water and the Spirit, it is necessary to be born spiritually and die according to the flesh, therefore baptism is to die according to the flesh , and repentance is born of a spiritual life. Therefore, man first needs the salvation of his spirit and salvation from what is needed? First, remember right now, the first salvation from Satan, because Satan owns it. The second salvation from original sin, one must be born again. Why? Because ... the third will come ... from original sin my personal sins come. Fourth, my sinful DNA, it's from my ancestors, from what I got. And the fifth is the salvation that man needs, this is salvation from the culture of this world. For example, you see, in the culture of this world today it is normal, for example, not to take your husband to your home to live with him or with your husband to go to the bathhouse or not with your wife. But it's in the culture of the world, it's okay, but you know, you watch many people go to the Church and they say: but I live there with a guy, and I live with a girl. And for them this is the norm, they do not understand that this is the path that leads to perdition. Why? Because it's in their thinking, it's in their DNA, that's all in their sinful nature. And we need to be saved from this, because wrong thinking, that lie of the world, which the devil has put into us, it leads us to defeat. Simply sometimes some difficulties come in a year, and some come to the end of life. It is very important not just to believe in God, but it's important to correctly believe in God, because Solomon believed God, but by the end of his life he came to defeat. Therefore, we must clearly understand that we must be spiritually reborn. And when Jesus spoke to Nicodemus, He said: You need to be reborn spiritually, you need salvation. But man himself can not save himself, neither religion, nor philosophy, nor by his good deeds, he can not save himself, because nothing on earth is the bearer of the Spirit of God. No bone is the bearer of the Spirit of God, no holy place is the bearer of the Spirit of God. Therefore the Savior was to come, the Spirit of God was to come in the flesh. And therefore Genesis three fifteen is written: the seed of the wife. Therefore Jesus is the Spirit of God, who became flesh, He came to this earth and God anointed Him. What did he anoint? He anointed the Spirit, anointed God, anointed the Spirit. And when I accept Christ in my heart, Jesus in my heart, then I get the salvation. And this salvation, it comes, listen, not from deeds, not from efforts, it comes by Grace. Ephesians chapter two, 8.9 verse is written: By grace we are saved, through faith and this is not the gift of God from you, not from works so that no one boasts. Therefore, to be saved from this world, to be saved from Satan, it is simply grace, and those of you today have accepted Christ and understand, listen - you are given ... great Grace and you are already saved. But what needs to be done? You need to balance your life and the first thing you need ... a balance in your life ... the first is a deep reflection on the Word of God. So I say to you: listen to these lessons, listen, listen and repeat and repeat, write the Cross. Why? It must be imprinted on you. In you must be structured, you must understand the depth of each verse. Because in you the words and deeds of your sinful nature are laid, and therefore when difficulties come, you act as you used to do, and not as the Word of God says. And one of you often said: I know how it is right, but when difficulties come, I act on the machine. This is the embodied sinful essence, it manifests itself, it must be reprogrammed. Why do I tell you to learn to structure and listen to this lesson and listen, so that it falls ... Poetry learn these verses. so that you understand the depth of this message. Because if you learn, understand your status, who you are and find peace with God, peace with the Word of God, you will have an understanding of the Word of God, then you will come to understand God. And therefore, it is necessary to think deeply, at least one verse per day and deeply reflect on it and that it is learned from you and that you understand it deeply. The second thing to do. All God's people, through whom the Lord acted, they always had a three-hour prayer a day. And the first is the morning prayer, waking up in the morning, you must first of all, focus on God and prayer Our Father, Matthew the sixth chapter, very well helps you. But I will teach you this later, but first of all, I want to say that God rules in this world and everything that comes in this day, you perceive it as from the Lord. For example, here I am now and I saw the Light, for example Noginsk. She learned to stay focused, listen to the Word of God and focus on revealing God's plan, and when she came to Israel and began to learn Hebrew, she clung to it as from God, for these difficulties, to learn this language. but she said as from the Lord and said: Lord, I thank You for these difficulties and she began to get Hebrew, and Andrew was a bit confused and he now has to catch up. Because it was usual, when it does not work out, go away - I need it, you can live without Hebrew. But it's in another country, it's complicated. Therefore, we must take everything from God and reveal God's plan in every day. Because God brought us here, so he brought me to preach. And the first day, it is necessary to pray so in the morning, at lunch, if the fuss has suddenly swallowed you, you again focus on two, three minutes. and understand that God has prepared something in this day, some skills you must teach. And in the evening sum up the balance of today, what did God teach you? And if you spend thirty minutes ... fifteen, in the morning five ... two, three minutes, five minutes, in the daytime and the balance left over in the evening, then your life will be concentrated and wherever you go God will be with you. Well, the third must necessarily bring the physical balance, you must build a schedule of your life, so that you have a balanced ... your body. At a certain time, get up, at a certain time, go to bed, do not eat at night, two, three times a week, go in for sports, go, walk and when you are in the physical body will be and in prayer in concentration you will seek God's (will) ... and deeply reflect, then in your life balance will come. So I basically told you the second lesson. So let's sum up. In the first lesson, what do you need to understand? No matter what a strong man, powerful, if he is a child of the devil, sooner or later he will come to defeat. Therefore, the main thing, always thinking, one must be a child of God and be with God. In the second lesson - in order to be with God, one must be saved and balance your life - the first one is to think deeply about the Word of God, which the priest gives from the pulpit I am now teaching you. Second: to pray three times a day. And the third is to bring your physical body to balance. If this is permanent, if it is imprinted on you, then when you build this structure, then I tell you you will meet with God, if in your life there is chaos in the body, chaos in the soul, chaos in the spirit, of course God will scream in your ears, you will not hear, God will walk like this, you will not see, so I wish you success, blessings, all the best to you.
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