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Why do people suffer?

Transcript of the conversation with the priest:

Why do people suffer? The Bible gives the answer to this. Always need to know the cause of creation. Because when Jesus communicated with Jesus, He always said: at first it was not so. So what was in the beginning? In the beginning was the following: God created man, how did man create? Genesis 1:27, He created it in the image of God. How did He create him in the image of God? He in Genesis, the second chapter of the seventh verse, He created Him from the dust of the earth, breathed into it the breath of life and a human soul appeared. What is the Spirit when He breathed in? In John 6:63, it is written: The Word of God is Spirit and life. And when we talk about the image of a person, we talk about ... about the image of his life, his thinking, his worldview, his life, we are talking about his image, not external data, but the image. Therefore, when God created it, man knew, only the Word of God and he reflected God in all spheres and the image of God, God blessed in verse 28. What blessings did God bless his image? Eternal life is health. Job. He says: cultivate the garden. Family - breed and multiply. Career - spread on the ground. Authority - guard the garden, spiritual power. It was blessed with the image of God. The man was happy and never sick. But in Genesis chapter three, the devil said these words: you will be happy if you live without God. And today people say they want to live for themselves, as they like and be independent of God. What is to be independent of God? This is lost the eternal principle, because God created the fish, He created that it was eternal in the water, when He created trees, He created them so that they were eternal in the earth, when He created man, man must eternally be with God. And when a fish without water, a tree without earth ... is deprived, they will suffer. The man believed that he would be independent, the creation would be independent of the creator and he left from God. And when he left God, sin entered his life, sin is not drunkenness, there is alcohol or something else ... The words of God left a man and words, the spirit of the devil, the spirit of the world entered into a man and this is a sin or I often say False. In Romans 3:23 it is written, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." And in the end the man fell under the power of Satan. Man has lost his power and today the devil says the following: to make a person happy, he needs to look for something from this: health, work, family, career or power. But it was all given as a blessing to the image of God. And today people live in deception, looking for this. And the person himself is in the six states of the unbeliever. What kind of state? He became a child of the devil. In John 8:44, it says so: your father the devil and you do, the lust of your father. Man became an idolater. And he began to live according to the customs of this world. according to the will of the prince of the ruling ... and the devil says for what life ... Look for what a man spends his life, what he spends his money on and you will understand what is the idol of his life. Maybe it will be a family, but it's a good thing, but not absolute, absolute is God and His will. Accordingly, when a person spends his life, for the sake of idols, mental problems come to him. In Matthew 11:28 it is said that all people work, solve problems and experience. Hence, a person has stress, depression, experiences, suicidal thoughts and many fall into four traps of Satan: alcohol, drugs, sexual promiscuity, game addiction or stress is crime. A person is going through, eventually the fourth problem is a physical problem, a person starts to get sick .... and eventually dies, gets to the court and goes to hell. For every creature, one must die one day and then go to court and go to hell. Why does he go to hell? Because he is a child of the devil, he goes to his father's house. But this does not end there, the sixth problem comes - DNA, damned DNA. Exodus 20, chapter 4-5, verse states that the seed of Adam is cursed, the curse will come to the fourth kind. And so, dnk, it will delay, even today scientists say, these are the words that are embedded in the code of our DNA, so this is the original sin. In the seed of Adam all have sinned. Smart people try to solve the problem in religion. In every country there is a religion, but religion in its mass, it gives a set of laws, rites and rules, a set of moral laws. Seeking in good deeds - if I live a good life, then I will not worry, but good people suffer. Seeking in philosophy and Scripture Colossians 3: 2 (2: 8) says: beware that no one has betrayed / carried you away in the philosophy of the world, and not according to Christ. Philosophy says. that everything in this world is relative, but philosophers, if you look, they are deeply lonely people and they are looking for work or science. But no matter how the process does not develop, mental illness becomes more. People try to solve mental problems, physical problems, but we must solve the spiritual problem. Therefore, when man sinned, God gave the promise of Genesis 3:15 that one day the Savior will come-the seed of the wife, which will not be born from the seed of Adam, but will be born from the seed of the wife, which will hit the devil in the head and solve the three problems and therefore He came as Prophet. There are many prophets in the world, but the greatest prophet is Jesus Christ. Jesus says: no one comes to the Father ... I am truth and life. no one comes to the Father, except through me. Acts 4:12, He came and died for sins, as a priest, brought a perfect sacrifice. In Matthew 21, it is written that He bore our sins in Himself. Neither Magomed nor Buddha died for the sins of people. And He came as King. 1 John 3: 8 Everyone who commits sin from the devil, but for that the Son of God also came to destroy the works of the devil. Therefore, Christ, the seed of the wife, is precisely Christ and Christ, who is Jesus. And in Revelation 3:20 it says: I stand at the door and knock and whoever hears My voice, opens it, enters it. And so the person who accepted Christ, passes from the six states of the unbeliever into seven blessings. If here was the will of the devil, then here begins the plan and the will of God, the plan of God and the will of God. And the person receives seven blessings. What blessings? Gospel of John 1:12, he becomes a child of God. "And to those who received Him, to those who believe in His Name, He gave authority to be a child of God. 1 Corinthians 3:16 - a person becomes a temple of God and the Spirit of God lives in him. God himself settles in man. Since God is within man, He will speak to man and a person praying in John 14:14, in the Name of Jesus, will receive answers. That is, God will guide his life. Luke 16, He gives him power over serpents, scorpions ... Any circumstances in life, the Lord says: you will always win. Why? Because - I'm in you. And more than that in Hebrews 1:13, He says, I will give the guardian angels who will protect you. The sixth blessing, He gives Philippians 3:20 - our residence in heaven, from where we expect the Savior Jesus Christ. Therefore, death for us is not a problem, since we are God's children, we are going heaven after fact. And the last blessing, this is the meaning of our life. This is Matthew 28: 18-20. Go and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching ... For all power in heaven and on earth has been given to Me. Acts 1: 8, I will give you the power of the Holy Spirit to do this. This is ... The cross, the whole gospel is short. Therefore, a person should receive 5 assurances. Confidence in salvation. Confidence in the forgiveness of sins. Confidence in prayers, in answers to prayer. The fourth is confidence in the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the fifth is confidence in victory. This is the entire Bible in 10-15 minutes. Amen. That's all the people I have to write 1000 times a year, 3 times a day. The second stage is simultaneously these lessons. Well, in parallel, he must fulfill three covenants: Eternal covenant. What is the eternal covenant? Fish should be in the water every day, a tree in the ground, and a man every day with God. How do we do every day with God? Neither yesterday nor tomorrow is important, it is important today, so the second lesson is prayer. Therefore, prayer, hold fast to the prayer, keep to the Cathedral word. The annual covenant. God made it so that winter, spring, summer, autumn, and therefore for the Church, through the Pastor, He gives the annual covenant and every member of the Body of Christ, lives an annual covenant. And if everything ... a hand, a leg, all the members of the Church will keep to the annual covenant, then the Body of Christ, will fulfill God's plan. If someone does not work, then the Body of Christ, the Church will be paralyzed. The third is the Cathedral Testament. God rules His Church through the Priest's Cathedral word, that is, the covenant that I must hold on for a week. :): D Everything is very simple huh? You also told? Better? :): D This is on the Internet, it needs to be listened to, auditioned. Well, here is the Gospel ... Therefore, neither religion, nor good deeds, nor philosophy work, nor alcohol, nor sex, nor play, they will not solve mental problems, only Jesus, His Will. But how to live according to His will, how to move the Holy Spirit, I told you in ten lessons. These are the things here ... But this is the first step ... It will be followed by the second, third, fourth ..., Hallelujah yes? :): D Hallelujah! :): D o ... Glory to You Lord! From the Cathedral message of 22.07.18 Matyuzhov Andrey: without God, you will be defeated. Even with God, but without spiritual education, you will also be defeated. But you will be saved, you will not go to hell :), you will be unhappy, you will not have the salvation from personal ones of all these difficulties.
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